Book Review: The Paris Wife

The Paris Wife was written by Paula McLain.

I loved this book. It was beautifully written, and it kept me engrossed that I finished it in one sitting. The novel is about Ernest Hemingway’s first wife. It’s fiction, so a lot of it is speculation, but the imagination can bring wonders. It is written through the eyes of Hadley Richardson, Hemingway’s first wife. Her life was dull until she met Hemingway, and suddenly she’s swept up by Hemingway and living in Paris among a wild bunch of now-famous writers like Ezra Pound, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and more.

Paula writes about heartbreak and betrayal, but also about love and happiness. By writing through Hadley’s eyes, she can write freely about the experiences Hadley has with Hemingway and his friends. Paula does a good job of conveying Hadley’s love for Hemingway. Paula writes the feelings in such a fluid way that as a reader, I felt them too. The novel was a great read, because we know so much about Hemingway, but not a whole lot about his wives. For once it’s nice to look through the other side.

The novel is a beautiful representation of the matters in the heart. It’s so real, that’s how well Paula wrote the story.

I give it… quibbler_100quibbler_100quibbler_100quibbler_100

Mermaid kisses and starfish wishes,

Treatment is next week!

I’m so excited. I’m getting the DHE infusions starting Monday. I can’t wait to be free of this migraine. The caveat? I have to be at the hospital 8 hours for five days. Yikes. But it’ll be worth it in the end.

I’m hoping it’ll still work. I feel bad for my other neurologist. We got a second opinion you know? She’s still my husband’s neurologist. He did talk to her, and she said it was fine, but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel bad. I’m too sensitive sometimes. I am probably over-analyzing it.

I can’t wait for this migraine to go away so I can get my social life back. I think my friends don’t believe me, and I feel really awful, but again, I don’t think they believe me. If it was one day maybe. But a two month migraine? I think they might think I’m making it up. But I’m not, it’s horrible.

Sigh. Only two days until treatment starts. Fingers crossed.

Always find a doctor in the field that specializes in what is wrong with you

I did that. I saw him today. He will treat me. He will give me the DHE treatment I need to get rid of the migraine. He is a neurologist that specializes in headaches and migraines. He even has a plan for after we get rid of this migraine. A treatment plan to prevent them! He was so wonderful. He is also getting me off the other crap I’m on since this migraine attack. I’m so excited, I can see the light at the end of this horrible, painful, tired tunnel.

I was put on Topomax by the other neurologist and one of the side effects is this tingly, numbing feeling. It started doing that today. My tongue is all numb, my hands are freezing, my feet don’t seem to be there, it’s all surreal. It’s also very uncomfortable. And there is this taste… I can’t explain it… it’s like minty metal? I don’t know. I don’t want to think about it. I won’t be taking it anymore so no worries!

It is so nice when a doctor actually takes the time to listen to you and take you seriously as a patient. I understand I am not the typical patient because I come riddled with other body part problems. I know that can pose issues when it comes to treatment of illnesses, conditions, diseases, etc. However, refusing to do a treatment when you know it works and the patient has given consent to the treatment; I think is wrong. I mean, we sign forms all the time acknowledging things can happen as a result of treatments given or medicines or surgeries, etc.

My new doctor is aware of my medical history. He is not afraid of it. He doesn’t see it as a problem. He just added an extra part to the DHE treatment just for me. He catered to his patient. Unique. Different. He listened and he applied.

And I will get relief.

My own advocate

I had another MRI this morning. It got me thinking.

I’m thinking of a plan of attack for tomorrow’s neurology appointment. I’m not sure if the neurologist will be into it, but I want to try it.

I want to get weaned off these drugs. The depakote, etc. They are making my life difficult to manage because it’s so draining. It will probably be a slow taper so I don’t collapse and die.

I’m starting to understand why some people are anti-medication, but medicine is necessary in a lot of cases.

I just want my self back.

TV Binge Weekend

I spent my weekend watching two seasons of Criminal Minds, one of my favorite shows. I was not very mobile this weekend, and I hate it. But the medicine is making me feel heavy, clouded, and it takes too much work to push through it. But the migraine hasn’t gone away. I’m between a rock and a hard place.

We’re looking at headache specialists and/or clinics or other doctors who specialize in migraines. The neurologist I have right now is really good, but I think she’s reached her limit of what she can do for me in terms of this migraine. She specializes in mobility neurological disorders, and migraines aren’t that. We’re also writing up a “cleared” letter for my cardiologist to sign for potential treatments. Because of my heart condition, some doctors won’t go near me with any kind of treatment, so we’re hoping this letter might help.

Maybe it’ll even make my neurologist see that I’m okay, and the cardiologist is okay with the DHE treatment that DID work, she’ll do the infusions again. I hope so. I’m hitting a wall over and over every day.

Once I get the migraine broken, I’m hoping to get off the other pills I don’t need to be on (at least I don’t believe I do). I think this will help a lot too with my ‘wall’ and ‘cloudiness’ that I’ve been having to deal with lately. Also, I think the pills are contributing to the weight gain, and I want to lose all this weight. Just ‘shake it off’ right?

I start school in a month. Not a whole lot of time before I dive into nursing school!

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